Meridian Interiors are proud to be certified by a UKAS-Accredited organisation; and achieving that level of certification is quite rare in our industry!


As part of our UKAS commitment, we operate a dedicated Integrated Management System across the three recognised International Standards of:

Quality (ISO 9001)

Environmental Management (ISO 14001)

Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001)

UKAS accreditation

A focus on quality is fundamental to our successfully sustaining long-term business partnerships. Accredited certification to this internationally-recognised Quality Management Standard clearly demonstrates our commitment to quality, continuous improvement in all that we do, as well as our commitment to exceptional customer service.

ISO 90012008–  Certificate Download.

MIL002-QPS Quality Policy Statement (IMS) – Quality Policy Statement.


The Environmental Management Standard forms the basis of our commitment as an organisation to operate in a more cost efficient and environmentally responsible manner. Our continued dedication to reducing our environmental impact and our adherence to this Standard sets us apart from others in the industry. ISO 140012004 – Certificate Download MIL003-EPS

ISO 140012004 – Certificate Download.

MIL003-EPS Environmental Policy Statement (IMS) – Environmental Policy Statement.

The International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management provides our framework for effective management practice. Good health and safety performance is no accident and we are highly focused on the achievement of high standards for OHS management – across all aspects of our business activities.

BS OHSAS 180012007 – Certificate Download.

MIL004-HSPS H&S Policy Statement (IMS) – Health & Safety Policy Statement.


The ‘FIS’ is a single source trade association serving the interiors fit-out industry, and representing companies involved in the manufacture, supply and installation of all aspects of interior fit-outs and refurbishments.

Our membership of the Association of Finishes & Interior Specialists is just one part of our ongoing commitment to continually strive for excellence within our industry.

And Meridian Interiors is proud to maintain its affiliation with the FIS, the pre-eminent trade association representing specialists in the interiors sector.

FIS Accredited Member