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Inspiring Interiors: Pionen White Mountain Offices

May 05, 2017
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Who? Pionen | What? Internet Service Providers | Where? Sweden

Situated in the heart of Stockholm you can find below almost 100ft of bedrock the location of Pionen White Mountain Offices, which houses one of Sweden’s largest Internet Service Providers. The 1110 sqm space was designed into its current magnitude between 2007and 2008 and over 4,000 cubic meters of solid rock was blasted to create the captivating and outlandish office. The space was brought to life through visual inspiration from a mixture of 1970’s sci-fi and James Bond movies.

The previous cold-war bomb shelter built in 1943 now houses 15 full-time employees, with dedicated office space styled to create an atmospheric ‘elements’ concept designed to display the earth’s ‘best’ fundamentals such as light, plants, water and technology. Within the office, you will also find a glass partitioned conference room which is in the heart of the bunker, overlooking the various hardware dedicated rooms including the ventilation room, machine room, backup power room and the cooling equipment.

Unlike many other data centres, the focus of the project was on human values and creating a welcoming space that people would enjoy working in, rather than a conventionally unwelcoming space to just house an array of technical hardware. To create an inviting space, the ‘elements’ concept was ingrained not only into the infrastructure but also the design. To create a sense of bringing the outside in, manipulative lighting was incorporated to establish a concept of time, and to incorporate the nature element, a 2600 litre tank was built in which became home to various saltwater animals. The eccentricity can be seen further through the installation of plant and shrubby landscaping and the incorporation of waterfalls.

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