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Date: April 25, 2016 Category: ,

Case Study: EAG

Mildenhall, Suffolk


Size: 300 Sq M – Value: £129K – Duration: 2 months

Group Companies Involved

Meridian Interiors Ltd & Meridian Office Furniture Ltd

EAG asked Meridian to complete the long overdue refurbishment of the ground floor offices leading into their factory. EAG used the space as a transition between the factory workers and the office staff, and the brief was to incorporate a canteen and a large training room into the design to encourage more interaction between all staff members. Initially, the area in question was dark and cluttered with years of build-up of files and products. EAG installed new curtain walling, instantly bringing additional natural light into the space.

Meridian’s space planning included large glass panels to allow the natural light to circulate through the floor. Above the floor were three interlocking mezzanines serving the offices above, creating varying ceiling heights which Meridian had to overcome within the ceiling grid and services design. The location of the training room and rear offices, meant no natural means of ventilation. Air conditioning and Fresh air ventilation was introduced to make the working environment more comfortable.

Sound and acoustics where an important element in the design for two purposes, firstly the noise transfer from the factory and secondly, noise from the training and meeting rooms into the office space. For this Meridian used sound bloc boards and acoustic ceiling pads to increase the acoustics.

The decoration was kept to EAG corporate office colours giving a fresh bright feel and glass sliding doors installed to the meeting rooms, matching previously specifications. The newly designed canteen used Meridian Office Furniture break out tables and chairs, vinyl safety flooring, and a bespoke designed kitchen and vending area with waste bin area. Charging USB ports were included for staff to charge phones during their rest periods and LED lighting in two colours providing a relaxing space for staff to relax in.

EAG as a client were great to work with – being from the building profession themselves, the design and build process was very interactive with the client taking an active part in the decision making through-out.