Can Office Design be Inspired by Working from Home?

We all know that due to advances in technology, the modern way of working has changed substantially within the past decade. We are now able to work effectively from home, out on the road or even from another country!

These changes have unsurprisingly altered the working environment within offices as well, seen through the expansion of areas for ‘hot-desking’. But can we learn other lessons from these modern ways of flexible working, to improve the offices in which the majority of us still work?

At Meridian Interiors we have been thinking about the ways in which we could use some of the advantages of working from home to help your office staff get the best out of their working day.

Working remotely could offer the following advantages:

  1. A comfortable or more relaxed environment to work in
  2. Less interruptions, improving productivity 
  3. Improved work-life balance
  4. Lowered stress levels and a greater well being

As it is not possible for all staff to have a flexible working arrangement, it therefore seems sensible to establish areas within offices where staff can go to work uninterrupted for short periods to concentrate on a project, without the regular interruptions from colleagues and telephone calls. This could, more obviously, improve productivity but also the mental well-being of staff, who feel like they are managing to get through their ‘to-do list’. 

Can Office Design be Inspired by Working from Home?

In conjunction with this, a well presented and aesthetically pleasing break-out area can help employees to enjoy breaks from their screens, benefit from a relaxed break with colleagues and feel more valued. 

You can read more about this in our blog ‘The benefits of encouraging staff to use breakout areas’. 

Can Office Design be Inspired by Working from Home?

Creating a comfy working environment is also key and we can use good lighting, relaxing colours on walls, domestic style commercial flooring and advances in modern office furniture design, to this end. Supplying ergonomic furniture, sit-stand desks, relaxed break out furniture, anti-glare screens can all improve the experience for staff, while they are at work. Our sister company Meridian Office Furniture are experts in designing bespoke workstation solutions and they are keen for you to contact them, if you would like any more ideas.

So if you would like to explore how your company could improve the working environment and subsequently increase staff productivity through forward thinking office design, please contact Meridian Interiors today!