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The Lifeblood of Your Office – Essential Services

Discover the secrets to mastering office services from office experts, Meridian Interiors Ltd.

Office services are a little bit like oxygen. You never truly realise how important they are until they are gone. When an essential facility like hot water or electricity is no longer available, this can cause significant disruption to the business and can even impact operations to the point where a closure is inevitable until resolution is achieved.

How can a business effectively deliver services in the office environment and ensure that they are available as needed?


The electrical systems in a business should have been set up during the construction phase and are generally fine for years without requiring changes or alterations. However regular testing is required of all electrical systems to ensure that these are safe and do not present any danger to workers in the office environment. PAT testing covers appliances – the more often an appliance is used the more frequently it should be tested.

Communication Services

Even though wireless technology is available, most businesses prefer to use the lightning speeds offered by gigabit ethernet cabling for their users. As loose lay cables are a prohibited hazard in most workplaces, this type of network is usually installed in structured housing throughout the office. All services including internet connectivity can be delivered through this network.

One of the advantages of modern networks is that the need for separate services has been rapidly diminished. Whilst some companies may still prefer to use PBX systems and conventional phone lines, an increasingly prevalent picture in the business arena is the office that entirely hosts all contact devices on the internet.

Voice Over IP (VOIP) systems have evolved over the past decade and no longer experience the drop offs and line distortion that have been a decisive factor that have prevented many businesses from implementing them in the past. Now with structured cabling present in most offices for the provision of essential network services, VOIP is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition.

Technology Trends

One of the most significant changes in communication technology has been the arrival of the Smartphone and business tablet in recent times. Clients and customers often expect businesses to offer a public Wi-Fi service to allow them to connect their devices to a communication network.

There are significant dangers associated with delivering this service and it is vital that there is sufficient encryption or security between the publicly available network and the business network. Additionally, the public password should be changed daily to prevent unauthorised third parties using the network to acquire sensitive information from your visitors.

A Final Word

As with all business services the most important consideration for an office management company is establishing strong connections with local professionals who have the staff levels and abilities to consistently meet your service demands. If you are experiencing difficulties in finding the companies to fulfil these expectations then referrals from your existing clients can be a vital factor in locating a competent provider.